On Loneliness…

Since I’ve seen a lot of baaaaaawwwwing around these parts about LDRs/loneliness, here’s a few pointers from someone’s who in the same boat:

1. DON’T sit around and baw. That’s the biggest piece of advice I can give.

Well gee, what can I do then, Kitty?

Here’s what I do:

I pick up my phone I read over old conversations, a few times or twelve

I look at the pictures I have saved in it while I’m at it

I play a video game, I stick to to it to completion

I read a book

I ‘spring cleaned’ my bedroom, got rid of a lot of shit I don’t even wear/use/need any more

The laundry that’s piling up

Tweet/IM with friends about mundane shit

Update one of my MANY MANY blogs

I play Words With Friends with random opponents, friends, and family members

I play The Sims, and exhaust all the possible ways you can kill them

I catch up on TV shows that I’ve been neglecting on Hulu or Netflix

I watch movies on Netflix

I have an anime convention I attend for three days in June, I come back with tonnes of new and old friendships

and much, much, much more.

By the time I feel a pang of loneliness, Rin  is sending me a text message or ringin’ my phone.

Do I have bouts of loneliness? Sure! But I power through it, and get on with my life because my life doesn’t stop just ‘cos I’m lonely. Laundry’s not going to wash itself, yanno.

So please, don’t sit around and baw, because that’s only going to make time go slower and the slower time is, the longer the gap is between chats with your partner.

Get off your butt and DO something and before you know it, your SO is contacting you again via your preferred method of contact