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Hey everyone~ Welcome to my little space on the web! I go by Sara ’round these parts.

As of this writing I am twenty-four.

I live in New Jersey, twenty minutes from the sunny beaches and forty five minutes from Great Adventure (for you out of towner’s, that’s Six Flags! :D)

I actually feel I belong in New York City, perhaps smack dab in Times Square. Deep down this mid-town girl is aching for the city life, despite the noise.

I’m a lesbian, and I’m very proud of it. I am out to my parents, close friends, and those whom I feel are worthy enough to know.

I am dating Sarah as of June 11th, 2012.

Perhaps that’s a further pull to NY, as Sarah resides in the Bronx.

I am disabled, mentally and physically. I suffer from an eating disorder (TW: Eating Disorder talk), I am addicted to tea, games on Facebook/iPod, and sleep.

Regardless of all the bumps and bruises life tends to give me, I always find a way to my feet.

My blog is my outlet, when the spoken word becomes difficult as it often does, this is where all my thoughts and experiences are allowed to roam free. I’ve been at this blogging thing for ten years. Unbelievable, right? Can’t believe it’s been that long but I’m also proud of myself for sticking to something.

I don’t really fit into a ‘niche’ persay, as I will kick and scream if you try to shove me into that proverbial box. I like going into boxes of my own accord, like a cat does.

That’s another thing, I’m a firm believer that I was a cat in a past life, I have a lot of cat-like tendencies in my present life. My family and friends find it strange, but I just think of it as one of many quirks that make me….well, me!

I enjoy sharing with you, because the blogging community (and the random passer-by reader) are a fabulous bunch of people from many, many walks of life and I am honoured when someone comes by and visits for a while, leaves a comment, or interacts with me on one of my many, many forms of social media.

I’m just as I am online as I am in real life. I’m a pretty shy person, I might be a little awkward and may distance myself in the beginning, because of my introversion, but give me time to warm up to you, and you’ll have a fabulous friend.

You won’t regret it.

Pleased to meet you!!

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