[Review] Original Butterfly Kiss

My overall impression of The Butterfly Kiss is it is a great toy for those just starting out but it’s just a bit too on the small side for me to enjoy. If it was just a little bit longer in the length of the g-spotting shaft I may have liked it a bit more. The butterfly clitoral attachment also seemed to completely miss my clit altogether. This toy is just very frustrating to me and I wouldn’t recommend it to any friends.

PROSSquishy, cute, beginner-friendly

CONSCycling through controls to turn off, noisy, sticky.

INTENSITY: 3 out of 5 [Moderate vibration, good for overall body usage, average in intensity and probably suitable for most individuals.]

NOISE: 2 out of 5 [Low, soft, “white noise” hum, similar to a cell phone’s vibration alert, that can be heard through covers but not through a closed door.]

The Butterfly Kiss is a unique ‘rabbit-style’ vibrator. It is made from smooth, squishy TPR and is body-safe. The total length of the Butterfly Kiss is 7 inches with an insertable length of 3 inches. It has a circumference of 3 3/4 inches and a diameter of 1 1/8 inches. It is unscented, tasteless, and phthalate-free. The toy is smooth throughout, except near the bottom where it is nubby with a heart pattern, which I found was great for gripping when thrusting with this toy. 

This isn’t a toy for ‘size queens’ or those who like their toys girthy. I would definitely recommend this toy to beginners and those who don’t like large toys. The TPR material is smooth and squishy which is also something I would reccomend to a beginning toy user as the Butterfly Kiss will give you some ‘give’ when inserting it. The shaft is very bendy without much effort. 

The Butterfly Kiss is waterproof and features three speeds of vibration. 

The toy is powered by two AAA batteries, which are not included. The controls for the toy are located on the bottom and are simple as pushing a button to turn it on and cycle through the vibrations. You will have to cycle through to turn it off as well which I found to be quite frustrating. I also noticed that instead of a steady cyling, there’s an ‘off’ pause. So click on the first vibration and then click it again and it turns off, click it again for the second, and then off again. 

I also found this toy to go through batteries VERY quickly. 

To load your batteries, just screw off the bottom and there are markings of positive and negative to be able to load the batteries properly. Screw the bottom back on, and you’re ready to go! 

Vrooms & Bees 

This toy is SUPER buzzy. The noise is distracting and also very irritating/annoying. On the upside, this toy can only be heard if you’re in the same room. 

Speed 1: 1 vroom, 1 bee 
Speed 2: 2 vrooms, 2 bees 
Speed 3: 3 vrooms, 2 bees 

Nothing really earth-shattering as far as vrooms since one motor is trying to distribute vibrations through a material that isn’t really vibration receptive to begin with. 

Care & Feeding 

TPR is less porous than cyberskin but more porous than silicone so I recommend using condoms when sharing. TPR toys cannot be disinfected with boiling water. You can wash them with warm water and toy cleaner or mild soap. Because The Butterfly Kiss comes in just a cardboard box and a un-resealable baggie, I would reccomend storing it in the box or in a toy pouch to keep it from attracting dust, lint, hair, etc. 

TPR toys are best used with water-based or silicone-based lubes. 


The Butterfly Kiss comes in a typical cardboard box with pictures of the toy on it, not exactly the most discreet if you’re planning to give this as a gift or are trying to keep your toys away from prying eyes. 

Unfortunately, this toy starts losing more marks with me because I found trying to get it out of the plastic baggie was super difficult as the bag stuck to the toy. The TPR was very sticky and I found it very frustrating to unpackage this toy. 

OVERALL VERDICT: 2 out of 5 paws up