[Review] Sportsheets Rouge Collar

The Rouge collar is very cute and I love that it is vegan-friendly. I am very disappointed however that it just didn’t fit me. If it had a few more snaps, it might just have worked!

PROSVegan-Friendly, Comfortable

CONSOne size fits ‘most’

The Rouge Collar is one of three vegan-friendly BDSM sets by Sportsheets. The other sets come in Noir (black) and Blush (pink). The Rouge collar comes in red. Unfortunately, the other two collars have been discontinued. 

The collar is made from red faux-leather otherwise known as Polyethylene. it is 19 inches in length with a width of 1 1/4″. It is a little wider than other collars I have worn that have a width of 0.75. It has a snap closure in the back instead of a buckle. I would think snaps would be perfect for those who are just beginning BDSM play or those who find a buckle to be a bit too ‘locked in’. Snaps would allow for quick release in the case of an emergency. On the front of the collar is a D-ring, where bondage restraints or a leash could be clipped to. 

The lining of the collar was very soft and comfortable, I’m not entirely sure what it is made out of but it had the texture and feeling of felt. Both the outer faux-leather and inner lining are stitched together with black thread and there are no visible or loose threads, showing very well craftsmanship and attention to detail. 

Unfortunately, this is a ‘one size fits most’ collar and has no sizing information. So if you have a very thin neck like I do, the collar is going to look very ridiculous. If you’re savvy enough, you could probably add more snaps to make it a more snug fit. 

Care and Feeding 

Polyethylene is a water resistant durable material with a high tensile strength and high resistance to tear, so to clean, you can wash it in warm water with a mild detergent-free soap and a soft cloth. Before storing, make sure it is completely dry. You can store the Rouge Collar in a drawer either snapped or unsnapped. I wouldn’t recommend hiding it in a bag as it may lose its shape. 


The Packaging is very simple. The collar is snapped onto a cardboard insert, just unsnap and slide the collar through the two notches to remove. The packaging is recyclable, so if you have the proper facilities to do so, please recycle! The cardboard insert is fairly discreet as it just says it was made cruelty-free with no animal products used. The collar however is in plain sight so someone is bound to know what this is. 

OVERALL VERDICT: 4 out of 5 paws