Because Ponies.

This game is so FRACKING addicting, even if it takes FOR-EV-ER to clear quests because you don’t have enough coins, oh I’m sorry, I mean Bits. Also some of the Ponies cost Gems (otherwise known as the currency in a game where you drop real-life money for) which is total suck. No Rainbow Dash or Rarity for me. I’m currently working towards getting AppleJack.

While I was pleased to see my favorite pony, Derpy, she just makes random appearances like she does in the show and doesn’t become a resident of your ‘ville which makes me a little sad. 🙁

The game is available on iOS (which I play it on) and Android. You can play along with friends and visit their ‘villes if you choose to. Sadly, I don’t have any friends playing the game right now. Not a huge deal though.

Another game I’m currently addicted to is ZOOKEEPER DX which is the Free App of the Week on iOS.

You match 3 or more animals in a row, and you have to do it before time runs out. There’s also a goal you need to meet for captured animals as well.

It’s cute, and I quite like the 8-bit-esque animals along with the quirky background music.