“Girls Don’t Know Shit About Comics.”


See this girl right here?

(Yeah, it’s me in a costume, work with me here.)

According to some snot-nosed douche rag that calls himself Tony Harris, we geeky girls:

  • Don’t know ‘shit’ about comics
  • Dress up in cosplay to ‘lure’ men

Okay fucknuts, I do know a thing or two about comics and have my own collection.

I don’t wear cosplay to attract the attention of unwashed, drooly fanboys.


  1. I am gay (and even then, I don’t do it to attract the attention of fangirls.)

I DO wear cosplay because:

  2. I’m showing love for a character I KNOW and LOVE (I said love twice, that’s saying something.)

 The next time you accuse me as a cosplayer that happens to be a female that is ‘preying’ on lonely men, I will cut off your dick and force feed it to you.

I love how you tried to take your statement back Tony Harris, but that shit’s not going to save you.

Thanks for attempting to slut-shame me, and saying just because I’m female I can’t be a geek.

Observe me at AnimeNEXT 2013 when I’m trying to AVOID those lonely, horny unwashed fanboys and am just trying to spend time with my GIRLFRIEND.

You tried, Tony Harris. You tried.

One Reply to ““Girls Don’t Know Shit About Comics.””

  1. Ugh, some people are just ridiculous. Maybe some women dress up for the attention and know nothing about comics/games/etc, but that doesn’t mean they all do. Slut shaming and sweeping generalizations like that are not appropriate at all.

    I’m not a big comic or video game fan but there are some I do like. And if I’m going to dress up, it’s because *I* want to. For *me*. I’m not trying to impress anyone, snag anyone, or out geek anyone. I just want to have fun and dress up as a character from some book/movie/comic/game/whatever that I do actually enjoy quite a bit.

    I wish I had a costume to dress up in. But I don’t 🙁 I had a ravenclaw one but it got lost in one of our moves… Oh well, maybe someday I’ll get another costume. I’ve always wanted a cardcaptor sakura one!

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