I’m Thankful For…

’tis the season to be thankful for things, and while I meet Thanksgiving with an air of distaste due to the fact that I have to shove myself in the closet and listen to my extended family debate, piss and moan that more states are making it legal for me and my fellow gays to get married and how it’s against the Bible.

…At least the food is good.

I have a strong distaste towards religion. It drives a wedge between people.  Biggest reason why I don’t have one even though I’m baptized Catholic.

Anyway, enough about my gripe with religion.

I’m Thankful For…

?! First and foremost, being alive. I wasn’t supposed to leave the hospital when I was born

?! My girlfriend Sarah

?! The fact that Sarah can accept every last flaw (anxiety, self-injury history and a ongoing battle with anorexia)

?! The few friends I have, online and off

?! Tea (and hot cocoa, too!)

?! My parents helping me through my financial crisis, because without them, I’d probably be broke, homeless and hungry

?! My bedroom, my safe space

?! Electricity,  because 11 days without it taught me just how valuable a simple light or television that keeps you connected to the outside world really is

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  1. great list!! happy thanksgiving!

    Sandy a la Mode

  2. Electricity! It’s always overlooked, but so vital! Great list, great to link up with you. Happy Thanksgiving!

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