Surviving Hurricane Sandy & Nor’Easter Athena

It’s probably pretty morbid to talk about a pair of natural disasters as your first post in your new blog, some people introduce themselves…

But seeing as most of the people whom are going to read (or not read) this already know me, so why bother blathering on for an eternity about myself?

I went 11 days without power, internet, telephone and cable television. My close friend was displaced from her home, and she won’t be returning upwards to eight months. Thankfully her home is fine, however her town is absolutely destroyed.

The town I spent summers in. Hanging out on the boardwalk, spending countless amounts of money on Dance Dance Revolution, funnel cake and running into the ocean far enough til it was strong enough to knock me on my face. I would scramble to my feet just before the next wave hit, the saltwater stinging my eyes.

Seaside Heights will rebuild, but I’m sure it won’t be as I remember it.

Pictures after the Break

Aftermath of Sandy
Sandy & my state as Worldwide Trending Topics on Twitter
Making French Toast via Flashlight assistance
Reading Deja Dead on my Kindle via flashlight…harder than it looks. Arm got tired after a while…
More Sandy aftermath
Athena just starting to move in
My dog in the snow, eating birdseed. Bad puppy, you’re not a bird!
Bit of untouched snow
Snow in the trees
Cherry Blossom weighed down enough by snow it was leaning into the pool. Eek!



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