Thanksgiving, Black Friday and all that Other Crap

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone.

I survived. Barely.

Things were going GREAT until my family decided to bring up politics at the dinner table.

You’d think we’d you know, talk about Sandy/Athena and praying for those people.

Nope, instead the ‘disappointment’ of Obama’s victory was mentioned.

Oh, I’m sorry the scary-looking tampon-banning Republican didn’t get in.

But America has spoken, so either shut up and deal with it or get the hell out.

And then the age old question:

Why don’t you have a boyfriend yet?

Well GEE, there’s two possible reasons for this:

1. I don’t give a flying fuck about relationships


Figure it out and stop fucking asking. Better yet, just STOP ASKING.

Black Friday is meh.

I don’t and won’t ever understand why people will get up at buttcrack o’clock just to get a 52″ LCD television for $150, and not only that, they will hurt other shoppers and employees for that stupid TV.

I’ve already secured and sent off Sarah’s Christmas present.

Lacuna Coil’s latest album?

$10 on Amazon with free two day shipping?

I can do that!

Bing bang, DONE!

I also got a credit to get a .99 cent album or song so it worked out pretty awesome.

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