Your all new Photobucket is waiting for you!

Does this face care?

Nope. Don’t give a fuck about the new Photobucket.

I do care about my new socks though from Sock Dreams.

 Purply Stripey goodness!

Other things I care about come in the form of

Gackt’s 情熱のイナズマ (Jounetsu no Inazuma)

This song is my JAM right now.

dareka ga nanika udauda guchiru no ga nichijou

“yaruki nai shi, kane nai shi, ikiru imi mo nai shi…” Oh

dokoka de nakushita hokori mo puraido mo yume mo

hiroi atsume kumitateru no mo ii ze

Every day there’s someone complaining about something
“I’ve got no motivation, no money, there’s no meaning in living…” Oh
You should gather up your self-esteem, your pride and dreams
you lost somewhere and put them together again

(Lyrics & Translation courtesy of Amaia)

and this here “It Gets Better” Project video:

Yay for Kit making awesome things!