Christmas Comes Early – Life Lately

I really thought I blogged sometime this month, but I guess I didn’t.

Whoopsie. My bad.

So we’re going to make up for that right now.

Friday I received my Christmas box from Rin.

I was expecting only a few things, so the box should’ve been only this bitty thing.

She fricken sends me a Medium Flat Rate Box.

That has some weight to it.

And I’m standing in the kitchen with this box all like,

“What did you put in here? ROCKS!?”

To my relief, it wasn’t a bunch of rocks but a bunch of stuff that is AWESOME.

She got me:

Marceline in plushie form

Victoria’s Secret Bombshell body mist (I was first introduced to this at ANEXT 2012 and was hooked on it.)

Victoria’s Secret Love Spell body lotion, mist and wash (Love Spell has always been a favorite of mine years ago, but I forgot the name of it since then…I always knew it as “that purply fruity one..”)

Victoria’s Secret Secret Dazzling Kiss with Diamond Dust body mist

Swiss Miss Marshmallow Madness Hot Cocoa mix (also known as the FABULOUSLY GAY hot cocoa)

And dat card.



Kit also spoiled me this holiday season with the Angry Birds Space version of the Red Bird. Unfortunately he doesn’t make the Space noises but the regular bird’s noises. Weird, right?

I also have the Green Pig, but I don’t know where he’s gotten to. The abyss of my room hath eaten him.

I totally love the Angry Birds in all their reincarnations. A little birdy even told me that I expect to find the AB Trilogy for XBox under my tree this year.

I just wish Bad Piggies wasn’t so laggy on my old lady technology.

I’m pretty sure you heard the news of Disney signing a deal with Netflix.

Today a bunch of the backcatalogged movies were up and I decided to make the best of a rainy Monday and get myself some milk and cookies before cuddling into bed with Marceline and going on  a trip down childhood lane and watching all these animated Disney movies like they were going out of style.


Sext is a valid word in Words With Friends.

You’re welcome for that laugh.

(Yes, you are allowed to send me a game request.)

Tune in again in a week or so.