Such Tragedy…

It has taken me nearly all day to write this post since I heard the news this morning.

It was half due to so many emotions I was feeling and half due to potentionally saying the “wrong” thing. But I realized, this is my blog, and this is what’s on my heart.

I am absolutely heartbroken and stunned.

I am heartbroken for those children. One of them might’ve been able to discover the cure for cancer. Another one might’ve been the next President.

These children won’t be able to run downstairs and open the presents that Santa left them.

I am stunned that someone decided to wake up one day and kill his family, innocent school children, and school staff.

I’ve never seen the President of The United States of America openly weep on television.

Today, Mr. Obama wasn’t the President, he was a father.

I’m not a mother and I never will be by choice, but I am an aunt to two beautiful kids. My nephew came over tonight, and I asked him for the biggest hug he can muster with his little arms,

And he did.

I held my niece and kissed her forehead.

Things like this can really jar you for the worst. It instills a genuine fear that this kind of thing can happen to your kids, grandkids, godchildren, your nieces, your nephews.

Someone of a sane mind does not just wake up one day and do this kind of thing.

I believe not only should we get a grip on firearms, we should make mental health services more readily available to persons who need them.

I believe this person would’ve been able to get the the help he very obviously needed.

Maybe this tragedy could’ve been avoided this way.

Hug your kids close today.


And the day after that.

This is not a time to bring politics and religious beliefs out to parade.

Innocent children and adults have lost their lives and many people, myself included, want to know why.

My thoughts are with Newtown, Connecticut.

May all the people affected by this tragedy soon find peace and comfort.

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  1. You are so right about the mental health services… if only the stigma could be removed and everyone could get the help they need… maybe senseless tragedies like this could be erased…

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