I am so glad that the NHL and NHLPA came to an agreement.

The ’04-’05 lockout was the worst.

Hockey is the only sport that I will willingly go to watch or watch on television without getting bored and/or falling asleep.


Yes, I am a Devils fan. I have been a Devils fan ever since I could utter the word hockey.

I bleed red, white and black.

(Not green, because I wasn’t even around for those colors.)

I have a new addiction: My365, All this talk of 365 projects sparked to remind me that I had an account on there. It’s got the same functionality of Instagram (photo filters, sharing to Twitter/FB) but no hashtag functions.

A social daily photo calender pretty much.

I also think they had web profiles before Instagram.

Amazon is a huge liar.


I ordered Rin their birthday gifts, yeah? Both items were IN STOCK when I ordered.

This happened:

Cool, one box. Less trips to PO Box for Rin.

This is what actually happened:

(sidenote: They already knew I was getting them HTTYD so no need to blank it out, but I blanked out the second thing.)

One shipped yesterday, the other today.

Two seperate shipments, two tracking codes.



4 Replies to “1.6.13”

  1. My boyfriend is going to be so happy to see that hockey is back!

  2. I always prefer things arrive in one shipment too, but I worked in shipping so I know how these things happen. Basically the computer said both items are at this location and generates the original e-mail, then someone goes to pull it and magically the computer is wrong! or more acurately someone failed to enter data correctly and the item isn’t in that warehouse (or isn’t where it is supposed to be).

  3. I ordered a 2 nook lights, 2 nook screen protectors, and the nook wall plug in all at the same time, in the same order, for the same shipping address… Each of these items arrived in it’s own BOX. Not in separate envelopes, separate BOXES. I was so disappointed in B&N… I’m not actually sure if they all arrived at the same time because my post office is pretty crappy and doesn’t always deliver packages when they arrive.

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