I’ve banned Post Titles from this blog. Not forever, but at least for now.

And you want to know why?

I think I spend more time trying to think of a damn title than writing the post itself and when I can’t think of a title, I ragequit. Hard. A post never gets written when I want to write.

And that’s a pain in the butt.

When I think back to the days of my good ol’ paper diary (you know, the one you’ve kept under lock and key.) I didn’t have titles on them. I had dates.

I’d write the date, Dear Diary…

and then I’d go ramble on about my day or something that was bothering me at that moment.

Well, that’s pretty much it. Not much else to write home about except I’ve been doing tons of gaming and last night watched Butter because it’s on Netflix Instant *cheers*

In closing I leave you this fab post by Amanda of A Royal Daughter about Blogger vs. WordPress and the whole content ownership importance thingie.

It’s going to be a series so I recommend keeping your eyeballs on it and reading future posts if you’re ever thinking of making the epic switcherroo.

4 Replies to “Untitled”

  1. I have the same problem with blog titles for http://www.thatrecipe.com. Not so much for my other blog because I don’t care as much.

    And as far Blogger versus WordPress, I have one on each. WordPress can be a PITA at times, but I guess from the article mentioned it is a good thing that is the one Yahoo forces me to use for the “professional” one.

  2. I agree with you on the difficulty of thinking up a title. I use song titles as post titles. There’s pretty much a song title for every situation and it kind of makes a little game out of it.

  3. I have exactly the same issue – and it’s so annoying! Whenever I can’t come up with a good title, I just use the date – after all, something is better than nothing, and a post is a post right?

  4. I thought I was crazy.. I guess this is more common than I thought!

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