52 Lists – Week One

Okay Angie, you need to stop finding awesome stuff, alright?

I’m just kidding girl, keep it up.

Anyshoe, 52 lists with Moorea is just that, 1 list each week, based on a prompt.

I love stuff like this because it really makes you STOP and THINK.

One of those things I don’t do very often. (spoiler alert: it’s certainly not think.)

The first prompt is List the words that touch your soul.

I kind of went on a “first word that popped into my head” spiel.

I did this digitally because my handwriting is atrocious and that I found a 2k+ font pack that I just downloaded so I fiddled around with that.

5 Replies to “52 Lists – Week One”

  1. Love this! Do you mind if I link it up to my post?
    xo Moorea

  2. WONDERFUL list!!! <3 Tolerance – YES!!! I keep thinking of more soul words, and open mindedness and tolerance are also on my list.

    1. Thanks Kathy! Somehow you got suckered into my spam bin. *grrr!* All fixed now. šŸ™‚

  3. What a great idea, and I love your list. Your story and blog really touched me Sara. thank you for being so honest, if only more people were then maybe there wouldn’t be such a stigma with mental illness and disability. Please always keep believing and laughing. Amy x

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