52 Lists – Week Two

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I finally caught Emily Owens, M.D. last night and it was pretty interesting. I’m pretty skeptic of The CW shows because I really hate The Vampire Diaries. (I watched 5 minutes of the very first episode, and like the first Twilight movie before it, I want those 5 minutes of my life back.) It’s nothing like House, which has been my favorite medical/drama show for YEARS, but it’ll do.

The whole reason I’m actually watching Emily Owens is because the character Tyra is a lesbian.

Sadly, the show has been axed, so once the 13 episodes air, poof. Gone.

I’ll have to watch the beginning episodes once the last three air.

6 Replies to “52 Lists – Week Two”

  1. I forgot to list baths!! I love taking a bath with bubbles, essential oils, herbs, and or flower petals!! A book would be the cherry on top! Beautiful, comfy, cozy list!

  2. I must checkout that show – it sounds cool xx

  3. I love your list, lady!!! Also, The Vampire Diaries has never even interested me, I’ve never seen an episode, but yeah. :/

  4. I’m not sure I’d be interesting in that show, but I love Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. :p The Wiki seems kind of similar to Grey’s Anatomy’s summary/setting/etc., but maybe it would be worth checking out. :p I haven’t watched it lately, but there’s a lesbian couple or two in Grey’s Anatomy. …Or there was. Cali & Arizone. <3

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