Since I popped on WordPress to update it, and saw this link-up, I figured I’d slap together this here post before I went off to watch the Devils vs. Capitals game.
Bones, Bones and MORE Bones.
Every time there’s reruns on TNT, I park my ass and watch every episode.
At night I curl up with Netflix and watch a few episodes until I’m sleepy.
I’m also watching Asian dramas like it’s nobody’s business. I added Mr. Lee vs. Mr. Lee, La Visa Loca, Adrift in Tokyo, Baby & Me, Meteor, Last Scene, Sad Movie, Time Traveler, and More Than Blue. All added today on Netflix Instant. There was a few others, but I’m not into horror.
I don’t Instagram any more. After the whole privacy changes fiasco, I deleted my account and never looked back.
I went back to the old school attach photos to tweets without filters thing. (I know the official app for Android has the option for filters, but I use the uber-awesome Falcon Pro.)
I just had dumplings and egg drop soup for dinner. Sorry, no photo. I do have a photo of the fortune I got, but you’ll just have to come back on Monday for that if you haven’t seen it on Twitter or Facebook already. 😉
If You Were Gay – Avenue Q
Avenue Q is a kickass Broadway play. It’s not appropriate for children or close-minded individuals.
How to embed YouTube videos in WordPress without the means of a plugin, or the embed HTML as it doesn’t work. Now it uses shortcodes!

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  1. LOVE David Boreanaz…did you watch him on Buffy?

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