Pleasing my Dominant is one of the things I strive to do, every day. Sure, there are times when I will be a smartass just to joke around, but I never brat intentionally or make it an integral part of my dynamic.
Some people can function on bratting all the time, but that’s what works for them.
For me, I function on “Good girl” “I’m proud of you.” and “You’ve done well!”
Disappointing someone hurts, and I go out of my way to avoid it.
But sometimes it happens.
But today was one of those euphoria times, a time if distance wasn’t in the way I’d be getting pats on the head among other affections.
Rin’s been on the hunt for another vibrator as she’s been buying ones that break often (Spencer’s quality.) but today I steered her towards Babeland. I had remembered they had physical stores placed in NY.
Around here, we got those dark, seedy hole-in-the-wall stores that people really don’t want to go into.
Babeland was always fun to review for, and I enjoyed shopping online with them.
I figured the physical store would have been the same experience and it was, and more!
They had out “tester” toys, so you can see for yourself how big it was and how loud.
Fang couldn’t thank me enough for the recommendation and kept praising me.
She’s now the proud owner of a Sexy Bunny.
(HAND PORN. HAND PORN. I have an extra-special love affair with her hands..*ahem*)
It’s those little things that a submissive thrives on.
They thrive on pleasing their Dominant.
And I sure as hell pleased mine today. 🙂