January Photo-A-Day Recap!

Hey kids! It’s the last day of January, so that means the BIG REVEAL of January’s round of Photo-A-Day for 2013.

If you follow me on Twitter, you’re hecka spoiled already so you can feel free to ignore this post and come back tomorrow for a recap of blog posts.

If you’ve read all those, then you can come back on Sunday for Sunday Social.

Okay, enough blathering…


Today // Something New

Heart // The View From Here

Movement // Street

Something Beginning With T // Paper

1 o’clock // Water

Surprise // Circle

Something Yellow // An Ordinary Moment

Two Things // Ready

Shadow // Delicious

Electric // Stripes

Sun // Yourself


To play along next month, just click on the prompts photo n’ it’ll whisk you off to Chantelle‘s blog.