It has come to my attention that The Goog is shuttering yet another useful (to me anyway..) service.

First GFC now Feedburner.

Feedburner handled my RSS feed which allowed one-click access to adding my feed to their reader of choice as well as gave the option to subscribe by email.

With that said, I updated the RSS button to point to the RSS feed that WordPress automatically generates and set up the email widget that WordPress’ JetPack offers.

I am not deleting my Feedburner feed just yet, and will keep things as-is but once things ultimately stop working (Like GFC has done to me…but that’s a whole different story.) I will delete it.

So if you suddenly stop getting posts from me and you’re not subscribed via the ways I mentioned above, then the Feedburner feed has gone bellyup and won’t be working ever again because The Goog is a butt.