My Week in Photos – 12.31.12 – 1.6.13

Well, I think I did pretty darn well for the first week of 2013! *cheers*

I’m going to skip over Photo-A-Day prompts because I want to leave them for the end of the month. (My Twitter followers are getting spoilers, sorry kids. However, not all of them are going to Twitter so there may be a few surprises unless you follow me on my365. *wink*)

I know this photo isn’t part of the week, but I figured I’d share it anyway. Newsweek is going digital, so this was the last print issue after 80 years running. I’m not really pleased that it went digital as I don’t have a big enough screen to view it on (It’s better optimized for tablets and the like.) and the web viewer is atrocious and squishes the pages…. Luckily I didn’t pay for the subscription I have. (I was subscribed to a freebies blog and happened to come across a free 1yr subscription.)

This little gem happened in my email box. 99.9% certain it be a spam contact.

(FYI: my Flickr account is now defunct. I used the holiday promotion of three months of Pro to be able to download all my photos and then book it. The 200 images restriction for a free account is suffocating. Especially when I want to find / share a specific set and I can’t because it fell into that 200 pictures limbo and so it’s POOF (not from the servers though.) unless I pay.

Eff that noise.

I now have a blank space where my 2012 kitten calendar resided.


But not really, to be honest I was ‘stuck’ in June until about November, and then by the time I wanted to change it, it was time to throw it away.

I suppose I shall migrate from paper calendars to my GCalendar, which I’ve been using for the longest time anyway.

I’ve been having horrid “2:30pm crashes” as of late, and instead of taking a nap I’ve been reaching for this stuff.

The other night my parents went out with my older brother, Sis-In-Law, niece and nephew to Outback.

While mildly disappointed that I didn’t get asked to go, Macaroni and Vodka Sauce with tons of cheese made it right in my world again.

But….Bloomin’ Onion, tho’…

Yesterday I awoke to a bit of snow (and a lottabit of joint pain. Yeowch.)

Later on in the afternoon my nephew came over and I played Spongebob Memory with him. My Dad joined us shortly after.

Nephew won of course. 🙂

My Dad and I’s memories aren’t that great, I got brain damage while my Dad is just….aging.

Love you, Daddy!! 😀

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  1. I’m not particularly thrilled about the digitisation of Newsweek, either, but mostly because a big part of me is still pretty old fashioned when it comes to certain print media, and the tactile art of going through them that cannot be replaced with a electronic reader. However, I do look forward to seeing what the publication has in store.

    Also, that bag of hazelnut coffee looks fantastic. Nothing like a cuppa to get things going.

    Great blog. Wishing you a pleasant 2013!

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