No, I won’t have a Vine Account….

Nor will I ever return to the throes of Instagram.

(so if you see a Vine account with the username of cinnabubbles it is essentially fake and not me. Instagram doesn’t allow you to recreate an account with a previously used username so I’m safe there.)

Word on the street is of how easy it is for the tiny humans in one’s possession (that’s your kids) to stumble upon porn via the Vine app.




It’s fairly easy to post porn to Twitter’s photo sharing service, although it’s fairly easy to hide if you

a) Don’t follow NSFW twitter feeds

b) turn on the “sensitive material” filter

Who’dathunk that its “video” (it’s more animated GIFs) service wouldn’t be treated in the exact same manner?

Now I don’t have kids, and I’m not about to tell someone how to raise them, but I don’t think the tiny humans should be toting iPhones, ‘droids, or tablets. There are plenty of other kid-friendly entertainment devices out there that little Cindy Lou Who doesn’t have to be poking about on Mummy’s iPad.

Kid hikes up a $500 iTunes in-app bill? Your fault. You didn’t bother to educate yourself on the iDevice’s features to see if there was restrictions/parental controls.

A word of advice? i’m a 24 year old woman and I have In-App purchases disabled on my iPod because even for ME it is THAT easy to buy the ‘extras’ in a game by pure accident.

Kid ventures across porn on your iDevice or ‘droid? Your fault.

You’re not monitoring Jake Jr. The Fifteenth. You might think it’s okay to just hand over the device and let the kid have at it without supervision but it also circles around to the in-app purchases as well.

Kid was playing a game last you left your technology device with them, and now they’re on Vine and looking at porn.

Some kids can’t read, buttons get pressed and bam.

Porn is fairly easily accessed, fairly easily avoided if people WATCH. THEIR. KIDS.

There’s a time and a place for porn.

And I won’t be having any of it unsolicited in my Vine or my Instagram.

If I want to look at porn, I’ll go looking for it. Yes internet at large, I watch porn and own sex toys. Whoopdedoo, Basil! I don’t want to be loading up “Popular pictures” and there’s a pair of tits in my face because well…tits are popular, and people will like and comment the absolute hell out of tits.

Also, sex sells, people. There’s no other explanation besides that, “for attention and/or 15 minutes of fame.” and “because they can.” to the question of “Why would someone DO that?”

Rather than goin’ up in arms, just watch your kids and everything will be gravy.

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5 Replies to “No, I won’t have a Vine Account….”

  1. Joyful Sparrow says:

    Good call, lady.

  2. I don’t understand Vine. So many people have signed up for it, and I think beyond my twitter, fb, and instagram account — I won’t be signing up for any more of those websites. I can’t (and can I guess) understand why people would put that sort of stuff on the internet! But likewise I’m sure they wonder why I post pictures of my food too, ha. Anyway, good post!

  3. I AM a Mom, and I agree. I admit I forget to turn off the internet access on the Kindle when I let my kid play and I look down to see he is a step away from buying something, not because he wants it but because he is following directions (it said press here). Shame on me.

  4. Freakin’ seriously! I realize I’m not a parent- but the REASON I’m not a parent is because I know the responsibility involved and also know that I’m not ready for that yet. It’s like the parents who get mad that the Glee kids has “risque” photos in GQ- then don’t buy the damn magazine for them! It’s a fairly obvious solution (maybe not easy, but hey that’s not the word most used to describe parenthood).

  5. Good for you!!! I’m 60, I partially raised my son before the age of the Internet, and I am sooooo glad I didn’t have to deal with cell phones, Facebook, and so forth. Of course, one day I will have grandchildren….

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