Week in Photos – 1.21.13 – 1.27.13

On Sunday, The Lion King was on ABC Family.

I was just flipping through the channels and BAM, there it was.

My inner child was pleased.

Snow, snow. More snow.

Winter is getting its last punches in by being cold as a witch’s tit and dumping snow on us.

Tuesday put 2 in the bag for the Devils. Flyers are now down by three, and David Boreanaz was pissed.

(If you’re just tuning in, David Boreanaz plays Booth on Bones, my new all-time favorite show since House ended. And I have a huge crush on him.)

After the game ended, I watched The Dark Knight and 10 Things I Hate About You in honor of Heath Ledger. I’ve done that little tradition every year on the anniversary of his death.

During the holiday, our local bagel shop gave us a free bag of store-made bagel chips. They were so good that the following Sunday, my Dad got me a bag of bagel chips from ShopRite. Plain bagel and garlic. Mmm…

My fortune is always trying to tell me something about money, or people in my past.

This isn’t going to happen.

Saturday afternoon, I ate the left-over eggdrop soup. My favorite soup from Chinese restaurants. EVAH.

Oh hey, this is what my bed looks like without all the stuff on it? (Look hard enough, and you can see one of many patches. Stupid separating seam.)

My bed was so full of clean and warm that night. Mrrrrrr….

Scrambled eggs?

Scrambled eggs with cheese.

Four eggs. Dash of milk. Piece of cheese. Mix it all up. Cook. Bam. Deliciousness.

Friday I got a hair cut.

And according to my FourSquare history, it’s been about two months since I’ve done so.

Usually my hair’s about parallel with the bottom of my ears length-wise.

In two months it had grown to the bottom of the back of my neck.


Also on Friday, I committed the crime of eating McDonalds.

I suppose eating it only once in a blue moon isn’t all that bad, but I really love those french fries and the McNuggets.

Thankfully I didn’t commit the crime alone, because fellow blogger Chloe has eaten it this week too.

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  1. You had a busy week. :p I’d love to have McDonald’s, but when I eat it, I always get sick. Dx I’m not exactly able to handle fast food all that much. 😡

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