Aquarium Adventures and ….

You’re probably sitting in suspense right now but. ..

Oh well. I’ll get into the “…and!” in a little bit.

I went to the Aquarium today.


Before the aquarium we stopped for food… om nom nom nom.

After a quick run through the arcade and my determination to score Om Nom (from Cut the Rope) or one of those new Furbies in a claw machine running out, we headed into the candy store.

I scored FUDGE.

I strongly recommend a glass of milk while eating it. You CAN order fudge & other confectionaries online as well, which I may be doing definitely in the future because…local businesses man!

Are you ready for the …and?


If you remembered my Sunday Social response for Three Places, Disney was on the list. I’m super excited.

Also, also, also. My SSDI Adventure got an update. They want me to see “their doctors” on the 22nd. I’m cautiously optimistic about that. But we’ll see, perhaps this is going to be my light at the end of the tunnel…

Join me after the break for photos of fish, penguins, and other aquatic lifeforms. 🙂

We got there as soon as they were getting ready to feed the sharks. ‘Twas awesome!

Seal being silly~

3 Replies to “Aquarium Adventures and ….”

  1. I am a candy junkie, but when we head out shopping, I am drawn to the homemade fudge… Yum!!!

    Disney will be so much fun… So exciting!

    Have a great rest of your day!

  2. Disney! Congrats 🙂

    I love aquariums. Despite the screaming children, I always feel like I should whisper. It’s like I’m in a holy place, like a library.

    Good luck at “their doctors”!

  3. […] have to see their doctors next week, so a lot of paperwork went out to confirm that much to my footdragging, I will […]

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