February Recap

Um, when did it become the end of February, dudes?

Anyone? Anyone at all have the answer?



Anyshoe, Here’s what I wrote for February…

I went on an adventure to Jenkinson’s Aquarium for the first day of it being open since Hurricane Sandy.

I took a couple personality quizzes on a day where I usually post photos, but…I deleted them….Oops!

I got notification that I had to see Social Security’s doctors, and it was nerve racking. The first doctor was a complete douche, but luckily the second one was a lot nicer. I am now in the waiting stage once again.

We had another ‘big’ snowstorm that the Weather Channel decided to call Nemo. Oh the Nemo-related jokes were rolling.

If you didn’t know, I’m an Atheist. I don’t really talk about religion here because it’s a sticky subject and it pisses me off when people hide behind their religion when it comes to human rights.

Do you like lovey-dovey, sappy stuff? Then The Sara[h] Story is for you.

On the 7th, my Grandpa turned 90. We had a get-together the following Sunday.

It’s been a while since I did a list for 52 lists. Here’s Week 5 and Week 8.

There’s a couple other posts, but they’re…kinda lame.

Also also also…

Here’s what I snapped…

Fork // Pattern

Something Beginning With ‘E’ // Hope

Something You Smelled // Your Name

Something Orange // 3 o’Clock

Entrance // Where/What You Ate Lunch

Walking // Love is…

In Your Hand // Where You Stood

A Word // On Your Bedside Table

To play along, just click the photo above and it links to March’s Prompts. 🙂