I don’t know what’s with The Weather Channel and naming winter storms.

You tune to a different channel and they’re all like, “Yeah, BIG WINTER STORM COMING.”

Weather Channel: “HERE COMES NEMO!”

The one that merged with Sandy was called Athena.

what the actual FUCK, TWC?

Next thing you know they’re going to be naming tonadoes.


Anyway, Nemo started out as this heavy rain:

And then turned into a windy snowstorm overnight….

The tracks are my dog gleefully running though it as he LOVES the snow.

What are you up to? Playing in the snow? Waiting for power to come back on?

Basking in 80 degree Fahrenheit weather? (I’m envious, by the way.)


4 Replies to “HEY MA, I FOUND NEMO!”

  1. Beautiful! I hope you guys arn’t going stir crazy. My boyfriend is in NY and they only got 8 inches but it’s super bad around Maine. Ha, I’m in NC if we get an inch we shut down and there is like 1238945 wrecks in a 3 mile span of each other, it’s ridiculous. I’m following ya via Bloglovin. I hope you guys are having a great weekend!


  2. We got 24 inches here in Suffolk. It really gave us a work out today digging and plowing out. I am done and really for a movie and a pot of tea. Last night, we watched the movie Nemo, as hubby never saw it. Glad you faired ok…Enjoy a quiet Sunday!

  3. My theory is they started naming them in hopes that all us Internet kids would start using their storm names in our blog posts and tweets, and it would be a mass searchable experience….

  4. My college roomie referred to Nemo this morning and I had to look it up. All we are getting on the news in Southern California is the manhunt for the ex-cop. What I am doing this weekend is avoiding said news coverage.

    And don’t be too jealous of us, it is a high of 53 with lots of snow in the mountains after a cold wet storm blew through on Friday.

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