“How do you manage?!”

Today was the physical part of my CEs.

The doctor checked my height and weight.

I’m five feet tall and I weigh x amount.

My range of motion was checked, and my right side is horribly weak. The doctor was like, “How the heck do you manage with such weakness in your right side?!”

Well it’s kind of like living with one arm and one leg, but without them being removed.

I also have scoliosis that is pretty bad. I was often told I had it by the school nurse, and my parents would take me to my regular doctor and my regular doctor would told me I’m fine.

Well, it turns out I don’t sit/stand up as straight as I’d like to think.

So now I wait again to find out the outcome of this whole ordeal.

Cautiously optimistic as usual.

Keep yaz updated.

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  1. Oh, goodluck with everything! <3

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