In Atheist Shoes

Religion is often a sticky, “Nobody wants to go there.” topic for bloggers, but lately it’s been chewing at me to get the words out of my head and into something else.

Normally something like this wouldn’t go public but will go into my paper journal or under friends-lock in my LiveJournal.

However, since I’m sitting here I might as well talk about it because it’s going to drive me bananas if I don’t.

Hey Internet at Large, I’m an Atheist.

Yes, that means I don’t believe in God.

No, that doesn’t mean I hate those who do or don’t celebrate Christmas because I frickin’ love Christmas.

I celebrate Christmas for the family aspect moreso than the religious aspect, and it’s not about the gifts either because I actually have to force myself to make a Christmas list because my Mom wants to know.

I was baptized Roman Catholic, because my Dad’s side is Catholic. I went to church every Sunday much to my dismay and CCD? I did that too.

And when I often asked “Why?” “Because you HAVE to. Because you are a Child of God.”

As far as I’m concerned, God didn’t give birth to me. And if he’s supposedly a man, then that’s pretty damn difficult unless he’s had billions of C-Sections.

What really threw me for a loop was when a bunch of God-loving bloggers flocked to Chick-Fil-A (You remember what happened, don’t you?) to “stand up for what they believe in.”

You’re ultimately standing up for funding anti-LGBT+ groups.

If CCD taught me ANYTHING it was that God loves everyone.

I don’t think God would appreciate you buying Chick-Fil-A and funding hate.

Religion is messy, and drives rifts between people.

Can’t we all just get along?

Nope. Not with organized religion around.

It’s because of religious beliefs that people don’t want me marrying my girlfriend legally.

I’d like to erase the religious brainwash and have the opinions of the PERSON.

“I don’t think the gays should marry because it’s against my religion/The Bible.” is a ridiculous.

I’m getting married, not harming your children.

More often than not I’ll read a blog post and I’ll super enjoy it, but then I’ll get to the part where the person believes that God got them to where they are, or they’re following God’s path. God planned this. etc.

I hate to break it to you, but everything happens for a reason. I don’t think some Higher Power has any say in what happens in your life.

If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t.

I still want to see what peoples’ opinions would be without the heavy influence of organized religion.


3 Replies to “In Atheist Shoes”

  1. I so get you on this.

    I try to be respectful of others beliefs, but it’s hard to do when the people end up believing things that end up impacting other people negatively.

    I have the same issue when I read blog posts… I’ll go along really enjoying what someone read, and then they’ll slip in a God reference and suddenly I don’t know what to do with it… I guess at some level it irks me because I feel like when someone says that it’s God’s plan, it feels like they’re trying to downplay their own wants and desires and responsibility… and I just want to say, “Just own it.”

  2. I was a total kumbaya atheist for years. Until my kids started getting old enough to 1) ask difficult questions, and 2) get called out for it on the playground/classroom.

    Ima gonna tell you– living down here in the South, with all these “bless your hearts” is enough to make a woman go crazy. We fought HARD against the constitutional marriage amendment, to no avail– and my then-5 year old grieved with me.

    My 4 year old knows we don’t go to Chik Fil A because “they don’t like [friend’s name] moms.”

    That’s ridiculous, that children get it and adults cannot.

  3. I think without organized religion, there would just be other groups that told people what to think. It’s human nature to gravitate towards a group mentality (but maybe that’s the Psych degree talking). I am a Christian, and I do believe that God has a plan for my life, however I can agree to a lot of what you said. It’s really frustrating to have everyone think that just because I believe in Jesus I automatically hate gay people/abortions/everyone who disagrees with the conservative right (because I don’t, or even agree with those things). There are religious “boxes” that people put others in just like there are race/sex preference boxes- and none of them are 100% accurate.

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