[Review] Spartacus Purple Fur-Lined Wrist Restraints

Needless to say I loved these cuffs. They’re very easy to use and care for. Beginners and intermediate players might find the best use out of these. Heavy players may want to find a more tougher cuff.

ProsComfortable, easy to put on, holds up well to beginner/intermediate abuse

ConsWon’t fit anyone smaller or larger than stated sizes, non-locking

These cuffs are definitely approachable for beginners and advanced players. However, I would not under any circumstances use these for suspension play. If you’re looking for something for that, I would recommend something else. Use these for your good ol’ restraint play or a fashion accessory if you want to, even.

The design is gorgeous. I definitely think they are well-made and will hold up to an average user’s abuse. The cuffs are made from black leather with a deep purple faux fur lining. They have what I like to call a ‘double strap’ design The first strap is where the faux fur is stitched in and where your wrist lies of course. The second strap is the buckle and D-ring. The buckle adjusts from 4″ to 7 1/2″, if your wrists are smaller or larger than this given scale of size, I would look elsewhere because they will not fit in the case of larger wrists, and smaller wrists will slide right out. 

These cuffs do not lock, however even without a locking mechanism I still felt very well restrained. 

They can double as ankle restraints if your ankles are small enough, I found they worked out well on my ankles, but still opted to purchase the matching ankle restraints.

As I said earlier, I could double these as ankle restraints because my ankles were small enough to fit. Their performance was up to par with my abuse. Just getting them on seemed like a good enough test to see how they would hold up. They held up beautifully to my struggling, with no signs of breakage or tearing. A beginner or intermediate player would have no issues with these. However if you are very hard in your play, I could see these cuffs not being for you. They are very easy to put on if you have assistance, however if you’re putting them on yourself, you might have a bit of struggle as new leather tends to be fussy and needs a little work to soften it up.

I walked around with one on my ankle and one on my wrist. In the time I was wearing them there was no discomfort at all.

Being these cuffs are made from leather and faux fur they’re fairly easy to care for. A little leather cleaner or a damp cloth can do the trick if cleaning is needed. However, please make sure the leather is completely dry before you store the cuffs as leather can turn moldy and the metal can rust. As leather is a material that is non-sterilizable, I would not share these with others. 

You can store these in the clamshell case they came in, in a drawer, basically they’re very versatile as far as storing and it’s easy.

These came in a simple plastic clamshell case. The cuffs were nestled in an insert which had a half-naked woman modeling the cuffs. Not discreet at all, if you’re worried about nosy peers, throw away the insert and keep the clamshell for storage if you need to. The back of the insert gives a little bit of information about the cuffs features, the size scale, and what they’re made of.



Overall Verdict: 5 out of 5 paws up