Spank My Cunt

Recently I’ve been “expanding my horizons” a little when it comes to kinks.
Of course there’s always going to be those things that won’t happen, but I’m always open to trying things that I yet have no opinion on.
One of those things happened to be cunt spanking.
I’m very much into having my ass spanked, so I figured why not flip it over and play with the front? *smirk*
As it turns out, a sharp, unexpected slap to the cunt is exhilarating.
We started out with light tapping, and worked our way up slowly and we could stop at any time (of course!) if it turned out to be something I didn’t like.
No repetition is needed like my ass (or rather I) likes.
Eventually I’d probably want to ‘upgrade’ to a paddle or crop but right now, a hand does very well on getting (literally.) the juices flowing. 😉