Week in Photos 2.4.13 – 2.11.13

Eight Months today with my lovely girl! Next month we will officially have carried our relationship baby to term. 😉

And then relationship baby will be a year old in June.

They grow up SO fast!

I updated my laptop to the latest Ubuntu Linux. It was hanging out on an unsupported release for a  year or so. It’s now on a LTS, in which I won’t have to upgrade it again until 2017. Normal updates will be done monthly as I don’t use my laptop all that much now because Tumblr’s new dashboard slows the poor old lady to a crawl.

My State’s DDS finally sent me some mail on my case after 4+ months of hearing absolutely nothing.

I have to see their doctors next week, so a lot of paperwork went out to confirm that much to my footdragging, I will be showing up for the appointments.

My lawyer also sent me paperwork to fill out after the appointments, to make sure I’ve been treated well by the doctors I’m going to be seeing.

I’ve gotten back into drinking tea during the day.

I drink about 3-4 of them.

The Love Monkeys are out. Valentine’s Day must be coming. Bleh.


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  1. Best of luck with your doctors visits. I been where you are and it seams like everything takes forever. Angelia @ http://dixielandcountry.com

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