Biting The Big Apple

By the time you read this, I’m probably well on my way into the City.

I haven’t been to New York in a while.

So when G gave me the opportunity to go, I immediately said FUCK YEAH, DUDE! ‘Course, even at 24, I had to have my mother’s permission first.


Y’see, I’m the youngest of two, and female.

My mother is also very overprotective and neurotic because I’m a special needs person.  She will grill my potential friends and significant others because “there’s no-one good enough for” me. Thanks Mom, you make me feel like I’m going to be forever alone and that I’m some snooty high prize.

Growing up, my parents were pretty lax on my brothers’ outings, with me, my parents need to have every single detail. (Because ‘they care’.)

Good grief, let me live a little.

Anyway, Mum gave me permission. (yay!) Even if she didn’t, my ass would’ve been walking out the door. I’m an adult, she can’t stop me. But always on the other foot, I live under her roof.

New York trips = Seeing Rin = Happy ladygays.