DDR Re-Condition – Day 3

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I made some good progress today, I’m reuniting with my individual step style and rather than feeling heavy and rigid on the dancepad, I’m starting to lighten up my steps and glide, hop and jump like I used to.

I’m still finding when people stand in my field of vision while dancing distracting. (My Mother is famous for this.) I prefer it when people stand behind me or back far enough that I can’t see. Distractions cause failing.

Failing bad.

Today I played DDR MAX as I got it over last week from eBay practically brand-new from eBay for $11.


Today’s High:

Today’s Overall Progress:

Yep. Still need work.

And my mom limiting me to 3x a week is cramping my style.

She thinks I’m going to kill myself if I dance 15 minutes daily.


3 Replies to “DDR Re-Condition – Day 3”

  1. haha I used to LOVE DDR, what a fun little workout!

    1. It’s an awesome workout! No need to go embarrassing myself at the gym here! LOL!

  2. Lol, I hate DDR, but maybe it’s because I’m sooo bad in DDR-ing lol.

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