Joining The Starbucks Party

Thanks to winning a giveaway hosted by Mrs. Monologues for a $15 Amazon and $15 Starbucks Card given by Taylor, I’ve now joined the ranks of Starbucks people with those awesome reloadable Starbucks cards. 

It’s also reloadable by PayPal.

This could be dangerous.

But not really, because Starbucks isn’t in walking distance around here.

It’ll be truly dangerous when I move to NY.


2 Replies to “Joining The Starbucks Party”

  1. Congrats on your win! I drink tea there all the time. There will be a Starbucks EVERYWHERE when you come to live in the city! I work here and go to 3 of them in walking distance. I see you like coloring, i find it is the most relaxing part of my hobby.

  2. […] now own a Starbucks card, which I haven’t used yet. I would’ve used it when I went to visit Sarah, but […]

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