March Recap!

Happy Easter, everybody!

Ham dinner & egg hunting is on the agenda today.

Facebook had me fooled that Easter was actually a perverted holiday.

Stupid memes.

I still find it funny, though.

Come on, let the Atheist  who is also a pervert have her giggles.


Anyshoe, here’s what I wrote for March:

I now own a Starbucks card, which I haven’t used yet. I would’ve used it when I went to visit Sarah, but it’d be expensive as all fuck out in New York.

Did I mention I made a trip into the Big Apple? Thanks G for that opportunity. There was promises of more when the weather isn’t as cold.

That Blog Crush linkup floating around? Totally clique-y.

I’ve started playing DDR again and I’m slowly reconditioning myself to the awesomeness (pfffft!) that I had back in High School. (Watch me progress: Day 2, Day 3, Days 4 & 5) Progression is going awesomely. I’ll update it again once I finally get a 100 combo. I almost had it yesterday, but got cocky and screwed up.

I partook in Scintilla Project ’13 and celebrated (a little bit..) eleven years of blogging.

My TMJ gave me grief (THE WORST.) and y’know Google Reader is going the way of the dodo bird right? That sucks.

My momma had a birthday (and my Dad too, a few days later.) Justin Timberlake released a new album and I’m reading again.

Oh yeah, I got denied for disability again and saw Oz.


Here’s what I snapped:

Contemplating why Grilled Cheese is called such when it is actually fried.. // Hello Kitty Hairclips // I Made This! (Black Tea) // Bubbline plushies

Installing new theme // Working // Salad // Mom & Dad’s birthday Cake

Favorite (Hello Kitty) // Starbucks Card Owner // TMJ Grief // Off to see Oz

Justin’s New Album // Theme Installed // Up // L is for.. (Love)

Lucky (Hot shower on a cold day) // Green // Fang Streaks (cranberry red) in my hair // Sound

Keys // Sanrio store receipt //  Fried Cheese fixin’s // Glowing Powerade

Under the blankets // Skippin’ town (bus Ticket) // The Sims 3’s latest expansion