[Review] PHS International Hearts Leather Collar

The Leather Hearts collar is a perfect starting point for those in the BDSM lifestyle. Experienced players such as myself might find the lack of a lock on the roller buckle disappointing, but I tend to find if it doesn’t lock, it’s easier to get off in case of an emergency. Overall, this collar is comfortable and fits well. I just wish the collar wasn’t so long causing a ‘tail’ of excess leather in the back of the collar that wraps around to the front.

ProsPerfect fit, lightweight, comfortable

ConsToo long

The Hearts Leather Collar by PHS International is just that. A black leather collar adorned with sunken red leather hearts. The collar is lined with comfortable black suede and stitched together with red threading. 

The collar’s total length is 20 inches, with 7 holes spaced out for sizing. A non-locking roller buckle is the collar’s method of closure and is made of chrome-plated steel, so those with metal allergies beware. Also of note for allergies, the rivets are exposed on the inside of the collar, causing metal to be against the skin. A leather keeper tucks the excess length of the collar back against the side to keep it from flapping around. 

A triangle & O-ring is riveted into the front of the collar as a point of restraint for a leash or bondage rope. It can also be tugged on by your fingers to bring your s-type close. The O-ring is also large enough for those who would like to add a pet tag, but small enough to not be weighty. 

Here’s a O-ring size comparison of an older collar that I own to the Leather Hearts collar

The collar’s width is about one inch, perfect for short necks and a non-intimidating experience. The short width also allows you to drop your head comfortable without the collar digging into your neck and causing chafing. 


The Hearts Leather Collar came in a plastic, clamshell case slightly bigger than the collar itself. There’s an insert behind the collar depicting a laughing woman and a shirtless man looking at the consumer. Nothing horridly explicit, but the insert proclaims that this is a leather collar, and the collar itself is in plain view. So while not explicit, it isn’t private. 

You can definitely store the collar in the case if you’re leaving it with other items, and can be wrapped up easily for a gift.

Care & Feeding

Dirt and muck on the collar can be removed with a damp cloth. Make sure the collar is fully dry before storing or the leather will crack and mold. Leather cleaner and conditioners are safe to use on this collar, just follow the instructions on the cleaner and again, make sure the collar is dry before storing.

Overall Verdict: 4 out of 5 paws up