The 20/20 Experience

Music is a huge part of my life. So huge, that it keeps me from twitching in times of absolute silence. (No joke, silence of any kind makes me start awkwardly fidgeting.)

If you peeked into my music library you’d find 90% of it is dance-able, and the other 10% is angry, depressing and not-so-danceable. Sometimes the depressing is remixed to be dance-able and it’s kind of hilarious to be shaking my groove thing to Bleeding Love.

Anywho, if you don’t live under a rock you’re probably aware by now that after 7 years Justin Timberlake released a new album. Yeah, that guy who sang with *NSYNC in the ’90s with his Cup Noodle blonde hair and made Janet Jackson’s nipple come out during a Halftime show? Yes, that one.


7 years ago he released Futuresex/LoveSounds and Sexyback was an (and still is, mind you.) awesome song. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the means of listening to an entire album for free like I do now (Total props to Spotify for that one.) so I kinda let FS/LS slip through the cracks without giving it a listen in its entirety.

The 20/20 Experience is a great album, but it doesn’t come without faults, either. Very rarely can I say I love an entire album (Tegan and Sara’s Heartthrob!) and I’m glad I was able to listen to the full album without having to download anything and wasting my time to be disappointed by it.

While the album has variety, Don’t Hold The Wall was the only track that I was inclined to buy.

Thank you modern technology for making that easy.

Back in the day I had to buy the album to hear it, and if I didn’t like it, it was a waste of fifteen or twenty bucks because the music store wasn’t going to take it back now that I opened it!

Sure, some stores had stations where you could hear samples, but with Spotify I can hear the entire album and the tracks in full (as opposed to 30-60 seconds.) for free without even leaving my bedroom. Hell, I don’t even have to buy the album if I don’t want to because it’s right there. I can buy a Spotify premium subscription and then take that entire “free” album everywhere!

So thank you Justin for a new album, even if only one track really stuck with me and thank you Spotify for making me into a even lazier git.


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  1. Hey lady!! I found you from the blog hop and so glad I did. I love your profile said you were sarcastic and brash…I love sarcastic personalities, those are the most fun to read! 🙂
    Hope you’ll hop by mine…I have lots of fun giveaways going on!

    1. Hey Jacqueline!

      Sorry this is coming to you so late, you got trapped up in my spam filter. Welcome to my blog and I hope ya stick around a while!!

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