The Time[s] I Thought I Was Going To Die #scintilla13

Being trapped in a confined environment can turn an ordinary experience into a powder keg. Write about a thing that happened to you while you were using transportation; anything from your first school bus ride, to a train or plane, to being in the backseat of the car on a family road trip.

The Train

It was June 2010.

It was our third year attending AnimeNEXT and usually we drove up but at the time we had no means of car transpo.


I’ve never been on one before so I was all kinds of anxious and nervous and OMG WE’RE GOING TO DIE BECAUSE A CAR IS GOING TO CRASH INTO US.

We all piled into the train car with our luggage. Sit down, things are going great…

And then all the sudden this thing starts MOVING, like it jerked forward and I wasn’t ready for it.

Cue the very loud HOLY SHIT from the tiny girl in the back of the train car.

That was me, by the way.

Other passengers turn to look and my friends are shushing me. I drew too much attention.


Once I got myself acquainted with the train’s speed and the near seasickness of the thing rocking back and forth on its tracks… things were GREAT.

The Bus

The bus fiasco was more recent.

I took a bus to New York last week, and it was fine up to the point where we were bumping along on the NJ Turnpike (I believe it was.) and next thing I hear is this huge CLONK! 

What the FUCK was that?!?

Oh god, we lost the engine or something we’re going to die. I’m going to die before I get to see my girlfriend.

But, we didn’t lose the engine and we made it safely into the City (obviously.)

Nah, just kidding, this is my ghost blogging right now. I’m actually dead.

(Seriously, I’m kidding.)

I chalked the noise up to the toilet seat flapping about since our bus for the trip up had a bathroom in it.

Public transpo scares the bejeez out of me sometimes.

And here I want to move to NYC?

Yep, still doing it.

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4 Replies to “The Time[s] I Thought I Was Going To Die #scintilla13”

  1. AHAHAH! yes, your life turns into terrible tales of public transportation the second you set foot in new york – it’s like, a social occasion to sit around and exchange horror stories. i find buses FAR more unsettling than trains, myself.

    1. It’s soooo true!! LOL

  2. Why would you be scared on a train!

    Here’s what happens if you lose the engine on a train: NOTHING. YOU SIT THERE.

    Here’s what happens if a car crashes into the train: the train moves slightly and the car is destroyed because THE TRAIN IS A MILLION GODDAMN TONS.

    1. Oh shush you. 😛

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