You know…

I really hate our government.

My dead-beat uncle who had a massive heart attack gets disability at the drop of a hat.

My other dead-beat uncle is an alcoholic and has been on unemployment for years.

On Friday, I got another denial letter for disability.

If you’ve just tuned in, let me get you quickly up to speed…

I have cerebral palsy and social/general anxiety.

I applied originally in March of last year, and got denied in July.

August I consulted a lawyer and filed for an appeal.

February of this year, I visited both a shrinky dink and a regular doctor for their Consultative Exams.

Come Friday, I get denied, again.

I’m now stuck deciding if I want to give up and try to find work or continue onwards with my lawyer and go for a Administrative Judge Hearing.

My anxiety and stress is at an all time high right now..

to the point where I dropped the F-bomb in front of my mother.

Sure, I cuss in front of my mother but I never dropped the F-bomb.

I personally just want to find a nice hole and die in it.

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  1. I know seeing a therapist and psychiatrist a LOT can be hard, however, seeing them only once doesn’t help. I see my therapist twice a month and my psychiatrist once a month. Each appointment is only $4 and many places do have free-to-see therapists/psychiatrists. I don’t have social anxiety, however Jen does. SO I KNOW it’s extremely hard. But the fact is, if you can’t work, you can’t work period. Even if I never get on SSD/I, I can’t work and I know that.

    I would ask your primary care doctor if you have a case manager in your area. Case manager = someone who will work for free, help you with paperwork, help you find the right people for your needs, etc. They don’t help with psychical and mental illnesses, but they do everything else.

    Good luck, lady!

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