May Recap

Is it just me,  or did May just refuse to end there?

Perhaps it’s just me because I want it to hurry the hell up so I can go on vacation.

I won’t be doing any fancy pants hiatus posts, I’ll just leave the blog silent as I’ve normally been doing when I have nothing to write.

Anyshoe, if you’re new here or catching up..

Here’s what I wrote:

Quarter of a Century (I turned 25 on May 3rd.)

Ragnarök Online II (Gaming ahoy)

[Hopefully] The End of this Journey (Disability Case hearing submitted)

Happy Mother’s Day!

Google I/O 2013

Here’s what I took pictures of:


Lesbians Reacting to “Lesbian” Porn

I come bearing a funny video for you.
It is completely SFW as far as visual but the audio is not. (you can totally hear the porn clips in the background.)
This pretty much sums up why I don’t watch porn, and when I do it is usually Crashpad Series or Lesbea because they are made by women producers and feature queer preformers as well.
99% of lesbian porn is made by men FOR men, it’s time to cut this fetishistic crap and make something for queer women to enjoy as well.
Porn is more of an inspirational springboard for me, and sometimes a masturbatory aide.
But if your background is more interesting (I can’t tell you how many times I was like “OH THAT’S A NICE COUCH.” while two girls are fucking on it.) than what’s going on in front of it, time to evaluate your porn.

Hold the phone…

I can’t believe next week is con weekend for me.

It’ll be nice to see all the people who I haven’t in a year, and that’s the thing about cosplayers, we pick up right as if we just saw each other yesterday. Has 365 days really gone that fast? Cosplayers are like family, and like family, you have your horrid family members too. In this case, they would be elitists to the non-cosplaying folk.

This week I should get some packing somewhat done. Otherwise it’s going to a last-minute scramblefuck because that’s just how I am.

A huge procrastinator.

I haven’t seen my girlfriend since March, so it’ll be nice to spend a few days together before our one year anniversary (!!!) on the 11th. (*EXCITED SCREAMING*) I might also make another trip northward after the con because the weather will be better. March was cold, and snowy, BUT IT WAS SO WORTH IT.

I’m also thinking of switching banks come next month because my current bank (TD Bank) wants to charge me $6 every month regardless of my balance for “maintenance”. Right now it is $3 and I’m working around that. But seriously, be happy I have money in my account and not forcibly taking it from me. *grumble grumble*

So this post turned into a giant ramble, but I don’t care.

Tune in on Friday when I recap May.

Next Tuesday I’ll come forth with a con report.

[Review] Media Craft Inc. Fairy Rechargeable Wand Massager

This is a great toy for the price you pay. While the noise level might drive you away, the power and ability to be recharged are a plus.

Pros: Chargeable, no cords! Pretty quiet on low settings
Cons: Very loud on higher settings, absolutely not waterproof
Intensity: 4 out of 5 [Strong and easily felt vibrations that powerfully stimulate but are not “earth-shaking”.]
Noise:  4 out of 5 [Fairly loud, comparable to a large appliance, definitely heard through covers and easily heard through a closed door.]
The Fairy Rechargeable wand massager is the “green” wand of the Fairy line. Smaller and lighter than its two other wand friends, the Fairy and the Fairy Mini. The Fairy Rechargeable is also cordless so it takes away the necessary need for a wall outlet. 

It is 8 inches in length, and weighs in at 9.7 ounces. Fairy light! Like the other massagers of the Fairy line, it has a pink and white body with a cute fairy printed on the front. It also has “Fairy Lithium Charge” in pink lettering underneath that cute fairy. Fairy Lithium Charge is basically a fancy way of saying Fairy Rechargeable. Further down the body is the vibration adjustor. It has varying speeds built-in unlike the Hitachi that needs an adapter to do so. 

Made out of plastic, it has no smell or taste unless you stick the head directly underneath your nose. The head has ribbing for a change in texture if the smooth top gets boring. The head also flexes a bit to get more centralized pressure. 
The unit charges via AC/Wall adapter and has a solid green LED indicator while charging. The charging port is located on the back of the unit and has a rubber backing to protect the port from collecting hair and other gunk. When completed, the LED will go out. I much rather would’ve liked it to go the other way around but that’s only a minor gripe. It takes about two hours for a full charge of a completely dead battery. Keep in mind when you’re removing the charger from the port, to not yank it out but to squeeze the little button while pulling it out (GENTLY!) 

The length of a charge will vary greatly on how you use it, if you use it on high speeds most often, then it is going to drain the battery faster. I haven’t had to charge it again yet, and it shows no sign of battery slow. (I’ve been using it nightly since its arrival, for about 15-20 minutes on low-medium speeds.) When the battery is getting low, it emits a high-pitched whine as it tries to kick on the vibration. Best to turn it off and charge it when it is whining. *grin* 


Power needs are going to vary for every body, but I was able to get off fairly quickly on the lowest speed. 

This is absolutely not a roommate/dorm setting/I don’t want anyone knowing my masturbatory habits-friendly toy at all on high speeds. On lower speeds you might be able to get away with using a heavy blanket and some music on with the door closed. 

In my current dwelling arrangements, use on low speeds, I keep my door closed and have a bedside fan running on High. I can still hear the toy, but it’s not able to be heard outside the door. I make sure the dwelling is cleared out before I use it on any higher speeds because this sucker does indeed sound like I’m using some kind of power equipment. 

This packaging was rather cute and I felt bad tearing into it! The toy comes in a cardboard box, bigger than the toy because it is accommodating a hollowed out clear plastic tray that the toy is sitting in. Underneath this tray was the charger and a storage pouch. The storage pouch can hold both the charger and toy, which would make for better traveling than the box itself, but you can certainly use the the box over again for storage. There are no instruction booklets, because the instructions are printed (in Japanese, but there are pictures, so it’s pretty straightforward if you’re like me and can’t read a word of kanji(?).) 


Like the Fairy corded versions, ABSOLUTELY, DO NOT take this unit with you into the shower or submerge it in water. You can damage the toy, and not only that, you could probably harm yourself. If the head ribbing should become gunky with body fluids or lube (in which you can use any lube you want with plastic!), use a rag to spot treat, and make sure it isn’t sopping wet that it drips down anywhere near the charging port or vibration adjustor. If for any reason this toy should break, please recycle appropriately as the lithium-ion battery is recyclable (and the toy has the recycling symbol on the bottom.) 


Surprisingly, I noticed that the Fairy Rechargeable was a lot smaller than my [now defunct.] Fairy Mini. It is about 2 inches shorter, and a heck of a lot lighter: 9.7 ounces as compared to a whole pound! The plastic ribbed head is about the same size, but the Fairy Rechargable’s head is a lot more flexible than the Fairy Mini. The Fairy Rechargable’s body is curvaceous for a better holding experience while the Mini’s body is rounded.