Friday Letters

 I haven’t played along with Friday’s Letters since my old blog.

And since I got a few letters to share…I figured why not?

Dear AnimeNEXT,

You’re only two Fridays away. It feels like just yesterday that I was squirreling money away left and right. Has 365 days (in a really strange way.) really creeped on me like that? I can’t wait to see all the people who I haven’t seen in a year, but we act like we just saw each other yesterday. While the cosplay community does have its dark spots and downers, there’s a lot of positivity in it if you go looking for it.

Dear Neighbor Living To My Right,

It is seriously cruel that you leave your dog crated all damn day to bark its head off.

Not only that, you trap the dog underneath the trampoline in your yard and think it is absolutely hilarious as your crotch fruit runs/jumps around on top of the dog. That dog is barking from distress, not because he’s enjoying playing your sick little game. How about I run around on top of YOU?!

Dear Neighbor Living Behind Me,

STOP taking your drunken arguments outside.

I may cuss, but I really don’t appreciate when it’s every. single. word.

Not to mention I was trying to enjoy the sun and my book.

I had to go inside to read.

Dear Tumblr,

Whatever you do, do not become acquired by Yahoo!. Stand on your own two feet. Look what Facebook did to Instagram. Due to Facebook’s spat with Twitter, Facebook took away the functionality to view Instagram photos right in your Twitter feed.

Dear Readers,

Thanks for doing what you do. Thanks for commenting from time to time. Thanks for dealing with my erratic posting ‘schedule’.


5 Replies to “Friday Letters”

  1. There aren’t to many things that annoy me more that a barking dog…for what ever reason…I say check into your cities barking laws. Chances are the dog owner is in violation. complain complain complain and keep a record! good luck with that!

    1. Hi Kelly! I’ll have to check into that. Where I live is pretty much “the middle of nowhere” and when I say where I’m from people look quite puzzled! LOL But thank you so much for that tip!!

  2. Aren’t neighbors just grand? If I wasn’t a city girl at heart, I would move to the country for some peace and quiet.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

    1. Ugh, the worst I tell you.

      I live basically in the “middle of nowhere” so it’s fairly quiet here, but in a very weird way, I want the city noise. *laughs*

  3. Love the format of this post. I agree, it seems like Yahoo ruins everything! Yahoo just acquired Flickr and it’s not pretty. Poor dogs! I hope your neighbors get more pleasant real soon.

    Found you from the blog hop, glad I did!

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