Google I/O 2013


Some people have their conferences that they’re really passionate about whether it be the big blogging shindigs or Apple’s WWDC.

For me, I’m all about Google I/O. Google’s own conference about their products whether it be Google products in general (like Maps!),  Chrome or Android.

I’m sure a lot of people were holding out for Key Lime Pie or the next .dot release of Jellybean.

Instead, we got the ‘Pure Google’ Samsung Galaxy S4. I was amused greatly at the silence after the $649 pricetag. But hey, you bought your I/O ticket, RIGHT? RIGHT?

Attendees got a free Chromebook Pixel. (grrrrrr.)

Google Talk is turning into Google+ Hangouts and while I’m not quite on the G+ bandwagon yet (because zero of my friends actually use it, it’s completely useless for me.) I had an account but since deleted it because it was just a complete dead zone.

The new features are quite awesome though,  because you can share video, pictures and chat across any device. They’re always going to be there, so you can go back and check out the video/picture/chat logs later on. Kind of like a virtual memory lane.

Google Search/Now is basically now turning into Google’s Siri with a new voice search “hot words” feature. Fun stuff, It works on mobile AND desktop.

Google Racer. Slot cars. play across ANY device.

Might be hours of drunken/sober fun~

Google Music (my music platform of choice) got another UI overhaul and introduces “All Access” for $10/mo which is basically The Goog’s “Spotify Killer”.

I haven’t listened to the whole keynote yet, but those were the things I was able to watch.


In other life news, both my parents aren’t feeling well.

I leave for AnimeNEXT in 22 days.

If I get sick any time before then, I will wring someone’s neck.

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  1. I’ve never heard of this conference before. It sounds awesome though I bet it’s something to see those new things from Google. Yeah, I rarely use Google+, it is dead. Deader than anything. Lol

    Have fun at AnimeNEXT :3 I hope your parents feel better!

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