Hold the phone…

I can’t believe next week is con weekend for me.

It’ll be nice to see all the people who I haven’t in a year, and that’s the thing about cosplayers, we pick up right as if we just saw each other yesterday. Has 365 days really gone that fast? Cosplayers are like family, and like family, you have your horrid family members too. In this case, they would be elitists to the non-cosplaying folk.

This week I should get some packing somewhat done. Otherwise it’s going to a last-minute scramblefuck because that’s just how I am.

A huge procrastinator.

I haven’t seen my girlfriend since March, so it’ll be nice to spend a few days together before our one year anniversary (!!!) on the 11th. (*EXCITED SCREAMING*) I might also make another trip northward after the con because the weather will be better. March was cold, and snowy, BUT IT WAS SO WORTH IT.

I’m also thinking of switching banks come next month because my current bank (TD Bank) wants to charge me $6 every month regardless of my balance for “maintenance”. Right now it is $3 and I’m working around that. But seriously, be happy I have money in my account and not forcibly taking it from me. *grumble grumble*

So this post turned into a giant ramble, but I don’t care.

Tune in on Friday when I recap May.

Next Tuesday I’ll come forth with a con report.

4 Replies to “Hold the phone…”

  1. Congrats on the anniversary coming up! <3 Oh snap, that's a long time not to see someone you love. Oh snap, I didn't think that banks could do something like that. :/ that's not cool at all but yeah, A-Kon is next weekend for me and I'm excited about it. I just hope I can go! Have fun at the Con!

  2. Ahh! Is TD raising it’s rates. Haven’t received the letter yet for that. Assuming you’re Canadian?

    Glad that you have a special someone in your life, everyone deserves it. That and a chance to go to the conference you’re talking about which I have no idea about but I’m just happy for you because you’re happy. Who’s rambling now.

    I’m a new follower of yours via BlogLovin. Thanks for linking up to my weekly BlogLovin Hop (http://www.journeysofthezoo.com/search/label/BlogLovin%20Hop).

    Looking forward to connecting further.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo
    BlogLovin: http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/4064788/journeys-of-the-zoo

    1. Hooray fellow rambling!! *laughs* I think it is only the American TD Bank (I’m American.) that is raising its rates and it’s a pain in the butt. Raaaa. I may switch banks before month end.

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