Quarter of a Century


I’m old.

I feel old.

Although, there are people older than I.

I’m still old.

My girlfriend spoiled me, as usual:

Devil May Cry HD Collection, Necomimi Cat Ears and a giant package of Strawberry Pocky (THAT I HAVEN’T OPENED YET, SO PROUD OF MYSELF.)

Since Sarah handed the Necomimi down to me, I found this in the bottom of the box:

It was definitely a sentimental moment for me, since the 11th was the day we started going out.

I’m gunna keep that in the box.

My friend Kit gave me a gift certificate to TopatoCo so I could get Jade’s Atom teeshirt. You’ll get modeling photos next month, only because it isn’t arriving until tomorrow. 😛

G got me…

A Marceline sleep set! Though I might be a rebel and wear it separately.

I need to find black/red sleep pants with bats on them now to match…

and my parents gave me $50 to put towards AnimeNEXT 2013.

All and all, it’s a pretty good day~

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  1. Happy Birthday! Pretty cool gifts you got there! Enjoy!

    1. Thanks Cathy! Have a great weekend!!

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