Ragnarok Online II

If you’ve been following me over at my Tumblr, you might’ve been seeing me post screenshots from Ragnarok Online II among all the other stuff I happen to spam my followers’ dashboards with.

ROII released on May 1st, 2013 is the 3D version of the original Ragnarok Online, released on June 1, 2003.

I didn’t play Ragnarok Online until it went Free To Play in 2011, and enjoyed every minute of it.

However, like RO, ROII’s leveling system is a pain in the neck. You level verrrry slowly for the work you put into it and the only real ‘fast way’ to level, is to sell your soul to millions of quests and they get harder as you go on, thinking your Level 5 Magician is going to take down a Level 5 ‘mini-boss’ only to discover how high this fucker’s HP is…

So you go in search of MORE quests to level up so you can take on the ‘mini-boss’ of the other quest you’re trying to complete.

Ragnarok Online II is certainly a time-waster, and that’s about all it ever will be. It isn’t something that you’d want to be in for the long haul.

Also worth mentioning, there’s a few bugs, glitches and translation goofs.

I ran into issues with needing NVIDIA Physx, and it was giving me grief until I ‘uninstalled’ Mcafee (which was NEVER on my PC, ever to begin with as I always used MS Security Essentials and well, I know how to browse the fucking Internet properly…)

Once I got Physx installed, it was smooth sailing.

Some people are reporting issues where the anti-hacking thingymabob thinks they’re hacking into the game and doesn’t allow them to create a character…

But hey, at least the graphics are pretty.

Perverted typos…and I’m pretty certain they didn’t appreciate  me following them around just to get this screenshot. LOL

Fritz, man, woman or neither?

Either way, Hottie McBody


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