AndreaNEXT 2013

I’ll get into the slight change of post title in a bit, but if you just want to hit and run, I had an amazing time and I’m already registered with my hotel room booked for 2014. You can leave now. 😉

If you’re still here, cool! Let’s continue…


Me n’ the crew arrived around 2-ish, and we were raring to test the waters of scoring early check-in. (Usual check-in is at 3.)

We happened to be in the right place at the right time, because one front desk worker had three rooms available. WOO! Unfortunately, they didn’t have the upgraded room with a fridge/micro available in their hotel. (Then why the heck offer it?!) D’oh.

We got all settled in, and ordered Pizza Hut.

And things started going south from there for me.

I ate one slice, ONE SLICE of the pizza and about an hour or so later my stomach is VERY uncomfortable, to the point where I’m not sure if it’s coming back up one end or forcefully out the other.

And I’m thinking I want to go home….now!

We tried a few different antacids, however they did naught.

Rin would lie across my stomach like a human heating pad and it seemed to relief some.

I called my parents for a ride home, but they (mostly my mom) also gave some suggestions of what to do.

Saltine crackers, ginger ale, Chinese soup, and you guessed it, a laxative.

Rin was feeding me the soup, but the position was so awkward it was gettin’ messy (although hilarious.)

“And this is how cosplayers feed their mates!” – G

Also on Friday, Tropical Storm Andrea decide to absolutely wreak havoc on the con. It put a lot of dampers on things, but considering I was sick as a dog, the current predicament of the con being indoors and overly crowded, my anxiety started to peak.

Rin and I spent a lot of time resting in the hotel room, and as much as I begged them to leave my side and y’know have a good time at the con, they wouldn’t go.

Deep down, I didn’t want them to go either but you know, I’m stubborn and I wanted them to have a good time. I’m pretty sure hanging out with me while bedridden was probably super boring for them.

We were expecting Saturday to be much as the same as far as the weather goes, but to our surprise, it cleared up.

And I also started getting better!


Today (Sunday, June 9th 2013) was HOT AS BALLS.

We made the best of it though!

I’m really glad I stayed and not going home.

We’ll just have to feed me soup and other light foods instead of pizza from now on.

Here’s a few professional photos, for the rest of the photos, check out my Flickr. I’ll be updating it as I’m tagged/I find photos on my own. 🙂

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