June Photo-A-Day Recap

I usually do a recap of all the posts I’ve done during the month, however, with tomorrow being the half-way point of 2013, I decided to hold off on that.

Instead, here’s the few photos I managed to capture for June Photo-A-Day with Chantelle and some other silly photos.

Apologies for the quality on some of them. They were taken with my iPod because Instagram unfortunately freezes my phone now. (and that totally sucks.)


In My Bag


Currently Reading

Other silly shots…

Sleeping in Sarah’s Fang cosplay. Sick as a dog. Damn food poisoning…

I’m quite amused that this is a real thing. (It makes me hyper and then chills me the fuck out.)

Apparently it is good for people with anxiety problems (like me!)

Up and feeling better.

If you’re wondering, YES ‘THAT’ IS WHAT ‘IT’ IS SUPPOSED TO BE. It also squeaks when you squeeze it.

A dog toy was sacrificed for a squeaking codpiece.

A lot of fun was had. Sarah even successfully scarred a person for life, and a few boyfriends were said to be questioning their sexuality. (We extend apologies to those women :P)

I apologize to anyone who might have been annoyed by Sarah’s obnoxious honking, but at least you gave us some elbow room. 😉

This delicious concoction is a Double Fudge Cookie Dough Blizzard.

I usually get Mocha Moolatte while at Dairy Queen because Mmmm….cold coffee, but I think the Blizzard will be my new favorite because holy chocolate explosion in my mouth.

And cookie dough.

Because I am weird and will eat an entire roll of it raw.

Yeah yeah, health risks.

I’ve done it for years though, Not dead yet obviously.