Small Victories

This morning, while bleary eyed and still half-asleep….I woke to the news of DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) being declared unconstitutional. (Thank you Kit!)

Shortly after, the Supreme Court basically told Proposition 8 to get the hell out because the people behind it weren’t even part of California.

What does this mean?!

This means very good things.

California now recognizes same-sex marriage as legal and with DOMA declared unconstitutional, bi-national and national same-sex couples alike gain all federal rights that a heterosexual couple will have.

These victories are huge, a step in the right direction.

However, they are also quite small.

Despite all the celebrating we LGBT+ folk might be doing today, there is still a lot of fighting to do.

I’m hoping New Jersey eventually becomes a state that legalizes same-sex marriage. While we have civil unions, that’s all well and gravy but my girlfriend isn’t about to ask me to ‘civil union’ her. Catch my drift? Civil Unions are the ‘skim milk’ of marriage and who the hell likes skim milk?

I certainly don’t.

I want the full fat content milk or I don’t want it at all.