Ramen noodles with an egg cooked in it. Holy awesome.


Cinnabon, ever since G’s mom told us she had gotten us Cinnabon for AnimeNEXT but had forgotten to give it to us before we left so the poor woman was left trying to eat eight cinnamon buns so they didn’t go to waste. Sorry Momma #2!


Sarah, duh. I’m like stuck in “missing her!” mode until I see her again. Luckily I have lots of distractions and we talk daily. I can’t complain much, some LD couples have it more difficult than we do.

Also, Skype? Fantastic invention. Bravo!


Fan blowing behind me, keyboard clackity clack, and whatever the hell’s on TV right now…


It were 334 days from now…

For the disability case rollercoaster to be over… (Fat chance! I have at least a wait into March 2014..)


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  1. Oh man! A cinnabon peacan roll would be heavenly right now! I think you’ve made my breakfast choice for Sunday morning. I hope your having a great weekend!

  2. Skype is amazing for LDR’s. My bf and I were LD for awhile and we shortened the distance by skyping and playing co-op games

  3. Skype is amazing 😀

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