Halfway through 2013

If you’re not aware, Google Reader has closed its doors and if you haven’t done so already, you can take my RSS feed and plug it into Feedly (Feedly is the most like GReader.) or follow me on Bloglovin’ . I was also going to suggest HelloCotton, but apparently that has also been shut down months ago.

I can also be found on Twitter or App.net. (I haven’t used App.net much yet, though.)

I don’t have the patience for a Facebook fanpage for my blog (I have one for my cosplaying and Fang/Vanille though…:P)

Sorry ‘bookies if that’s your way of following blogs..

Whew, it’s been a frickin’ roller coaster this year and we’re already[!] halfway[!!] done with it.

I’ve been up and down, accomplishments, disappointments.

But hey, this is life.

If you’re new here, or an old lurking reader, here’s all the things I’ve posted from January to June.

[Note: I did not include anything from linkups or projects. This is completely my brain vomit.]


Happy New Year!

Banning Post Titles


Week in Photos 12.31.12 – 1.6.13

Quitting is difficult, but I did it [TW: Self-Harm/Attempted Suicide discussion]

Feedburner was supposed to die [but somehow it is still working…]

Week in Photos  1.7.13 – 1.13.13

Sara Makes A Thing: Mug Brownie

Week in Photos: 1.14.13 – 1.20.13

Sara Makes A Thing: The “Single Lady” Pancake

Week in Photos: 1.21.13-1.27.13

No Vine Account for me

January Photo-A-Day Recap


Aquarium Adventures and….



Hey Ma! I found Nemo!

Grandpa turns 90

Week in Photos: 2.4.13 – 2.11.13

In Atheist Shoes

The Sara[h] Story

Brain Pickings

Brain Pickings: The Aftermath

How Do You Manage?


Joining The Starbucks Party

Biting The Big Apple

Hello Kitty, Hello New York

“You’re My Blog Crush!” said noone ever

Let’s Dance, boys!

DDR Recondition: Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 & 5

Happy Birthday Mom!

The 20/20 Experience

You know…

Oz: The Great & Powerful


Homestuck Makes Me Stubborn

Hey Mother Nature? KEEP IT DOWN.

Boston & Texas Thoughts


Quarter of a Century

Ragnarök Online II

[Hopefully] The End of This Journey

Happy Mother’s Day

Google I/O 2013

Hold the Phone…


Andrea[Anime]NEXT 2013

Zoo Adventure

Spring Fever Voxbox

Small Victories

June Photo A Day Recap

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